Aerial Photography

Let our State of the Art Phantom 4 capture stunning aerial photo and video for you!

Real Estate / Marine / Job Site

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Aerial Wedding Photography

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Live Video Inspection Services

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Exterior Only Package

  • Included 10 Photos
  • Additional Photos $15

Exterior/Interior Package

  • Included 15 Photos
  • Additional Photos $15

We have Proudly partnered with MeganRenae Studios for all of your wedding needs.  Together we provide the highest and most diverse wedding photography packages available!


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We will help you complete your inspections in a safe and cost effective way.  We can live-stream video to a remote location (some restrictions apply) to help your business comply with the growing demand for regulatory oversight.

Inspection Rates:  $300 per hour*

(*minimum of 1 hour, photo/video rights additional)